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Abdurrahman Kareem

Director/Head Coach

Coach Kareem created the Boys2Men organization in 2016. After coaching under numerous other AAU programs, Coach Kareem felt it was time to utilize his skills, knowledge and experience to head up a program that would be tailor fit to his desires. As both a Director and Coach with the organization Coach Kareem can both implement programs on the Director level while also be hands on with the mentoring and development of players and their skillsets. Coach Kareem is a personable character, easy to laugh and even easier to smile, he has a heart of gold and his dedication to the game is only outdone by his loyalty to his players. Do not be mistaken though, He demands 110% of every players effort, their full attention and he refuses to allow them to cheat themselves of any opportunity both on and off the court. Coach Kareem is a student of the game, a master tactician, while the young men are working hard on the court, Coach Kareem is working hard everywhere else to give his guys the best opportunity and experience possible. There could be no safer hands with regards to an AAU basketball coach. 


Abdurrahman Kareem
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