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"Boys2MEN Program Alumni Face Off in College Conference Game: The Showdown Between Khalil London vs. Andre Snoddy"

Those Who Stay will Be Successful!!!

Former Boys2MEN members Khalil London and Andre Snoddy, who now coaches the Boys2MEN 15u team, participated in a college conference tournament game. Khalil London from the College of Charleston defeated Andre Snoddy from Stonybrook Seawolves. Both B2M Alumni from different time periods have exemplified our program's belief that perseverance leads to success. Both young men deserve congratulations. Andre will come back to lead his 15u team in the Boys2MEN program, while Khalil will move on to challenge himself in the upcoming set of games.

Andre Snoddy & Khalil London during their time with the Boys2MEN program, then with their respective college photos with Stonybrook University Seawolves (Snoddy) and The College of Charleston (London).

Wishing both gentlemen continued success going forward.

The Boys2MEN program is thrilled about the exciting journeys ahead for both gentlemen! Andre will be coaching the Boys2MEN 15u team for the spring and summer competitions, while Khalil London is pushing forward in the conference tournament with high hopes of securing a spot in the NCAA March Madness tournament. Let's cheer them on as they strive for success!
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