12th Grade (Corey) 
Saturday 10/30
vs     Court 
vs     Court 

Sunday 10/31
 vs    Court 
 vs    Court 

11th Grade (Corey) 
Saturday 10/30
 vs    Court  
 vs    Court  

Sunday 10/31 
 vs  Court 
 vs  Court 


Marquee Hoops
NorthEast Preview
October 30-31st 2021

Hotel Link
Location: Spooky Nook Sports
75 Champ Boulevard
Manheim, PA 17545

11th Grade (Kareem) 
Saturday 10/30
 vs   Court 
 vs   Court 

Sunday 10/31 
vs    Court 
vs    Court 

10th Grade (Preston) 
Saturday 10/30
 vs     Court 
 vs     Court 

Sunday 10/31 
 vs   Court 
vs    Court 

9th Grade (Kareem 2025)
Saturday 10/30
 vs      Court 
 vs      Court 

Sunday 10/31 
 vs      Court 
 vs      Court 


Tuesday Oct 26th

NextLevel Sports Center 

12th grade 6:00pm-7:45pm
11th grade 6:00pm-7:45pm
11th grade 8:30pm-9:45pm 

10th grade   8:00pm-9:30pm
9th grade   7:30pm-9:00pm

Wednesday Oct 27th

Wyandanch Youth Center 


Introducing Boys2MEN Basketball

Boys2MEN has been making a name for itself as one of the best teams in New York since inception. Our experienced coaches train our team to reach the top, maintain sportsmanlike conduct on and off the field, and always have a good time. Check out our calendar to make sure you don’t miss our upcoming games and tryouts if you’d like to become part of our team!


Boys2Men Family


Boys2Men Coaching Staff

Those That Stay Will Be Successful


Director/Coach Abdurrahman Kareem

Asst Director - Greg Logan

Head Coach - Kareem

Coach Kareem created the Boys2Men organization in 2016. After coaching under numerous other AAU programs, Coach Kareem felt it was time to utilize his skills, knowledge and experience to head up a program that would be tailor fit to his desires. As both a Director and Coach with the organization Coach Kareem can both implement programs on the Director level while also be hands on with the mentoring and development of players and their skillsets. Coach Kareem is a personable character, easy to laugh and even easier to smile, he has a heart of gold and his dedication to the game is only outdone by his loyalty to his players. Do not be mistaken though, He demands 110% of every players effort, their full attention and he refuses to allow them to cheat themselves of any opportunity both on and off the court. Coach Kareem is a student of the game, a master tactician, while the young men are working hard on the court, Coach Kareem is working hard everywhere else to give his guys the best opportunity and experience possible. There could be no safer hands with regards to an AAU basketball coach. 


Coach Jeff St. Simon

Head Coach

Coach St. Simon, new to Boys2Men but not new to the coaching ranks, is a seasoned varsity high school coach with a wealth of knowledge and coaching experience. Jeff, the current Head Coach at Kew Forest located in Queens, NY - in his short time with the program has displayed an uncanny knack for connecting with the kids and getting them to buy into his system of play. Coach St. Simon has a well balanced personality offering a stern voice with an easy ear seems to strike a perfect tone to the youth of this era. Coach Jeff, as his players call, has a fast paced loose style of play matching the athletes of today, it requires 100% effort with a heavy dose of grit. Coach Jeff teaches and excercises  his attention to detail both on the practice floor and while reviewing video. We at the Boys2MEN program expect big things from Coach Jeff and we are delighted to have him along with us guiding these children through both their on and off court life. 


Coach Preston Powell

Head Coach

Coach Preston Powell a new coach to the program is going to be a force to be reckoned with. A four year college basketball player who has seemlessly translated his ability to get in done on the court into masterfully getting it done as a coach. Coach Powell also trains basketball players during his offseason, his dedication to the game of basketball is undeniable. Regarded as the cool and collected coach, Coach Powells style of coaching is a  perfect balance of nurturing a players confidence while also demanding nothing short of excellence. Coach Powell is new to the head coach's position but has been sharpening his coaching iron as an assistant coach to some of the brightest stars in the game.  An invaluable asset to the program, Coach Powell will be a beacon of light within the  B2M program.

Coach Ron White

Head Coach

Coach Ron White, a four year college basketball player after a stellar high school career in football, basketball and track is not only a head coach for our Boys2Men program he is also the head coach for the standing Long Island Champion and Southeast  sub regional champion Bridgehampton Killer Bees. While this is Coach Whites first year with the Boys2men Program, his 11 plus years of coaching has more than prepared him for the opportunity that has been presented to him. I believe his players would agree 150%  that Coach White is a players coach, He gives everything he has to give his teams the best chance to be successful - both on and off the court. Coach White is about evolution, a student of the game he is constantly reviewing and studying, searching for new methods of play. Coach Whites continual thirst to advance his understanding of the game of basketball may be on the only thing to rival for his desire to compete and win. No easy roads, no round about ways - strictly hard work and dedication the only way Coach Ron knows and the only way Boys2men would have it.     


Coach George Holmes

Head Coach

Coach G     

Coach Tamar Adams 

Head Coach

Tamar Adams, a player development coach, mentor and founder of Perfect Your Skills 24/7 located in Long Island, NY. Tamar provides quality basketball training and mentorship for both boys and girls of all ages and skill levels.

Tamar works with many youth players and several highly recognized basketball programs in New York. He's very passionate about teaching and improving the skill set and fundamentals of a player as well their personal, physical, mental and emotional development. His training sessions are based on the fundamentals of the game where he is able to thoroughly assess and evaluate a player's skill set and provide drills and techniques based on their needs. In addition, Tamar has an exercise science background from CUNY-Lehman College where he offers individualized strength and conditioning training for middle school and high school players as well. Tamar also graduated from Benjamin N. Cardozo High School in Bayside NY, where he played and learned the game under head coach Ron Naclerio.

Currently, Coach T provides weekly basketball training sessions for any player that's looking to improve as an overall basketball player. He’s the player development coach at Upper Room Christian School, basketball skills trainer for the LEAP afterschool program in the Bronx and head clinician for a non-profit organization called Connective Inc. 


Coach Doug Niblock 

Head Coach

Coach Doug Niblock is new to the coaching industry and B2M after just finishing his 4 year collegiate career. Was a 4 year varsity point guard at Bayport High School leading them to win 2015 Class A county championship and back to back league championships. A proven winner and knows what it takes to build a championship culture. His experience on the court has smoothly translated into his coaching abilities, he is able to relate to the players on a high level while running hard practices and also helping players develop their guard skills. Has a wealth of knowledge about the game to share with our players. Extremely passionate about the game of basketball and teaching kids the right way to play , he likes aggressive and up tempo play but emphasizes sharing the ball, playing great team defense, playing with confidence, and playing for each other. Throughout college he has worked several basketball camps including Hoop Group Elite, Future All Long Island and more. 

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